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CAD/ADM Technique Zirconium Dioxide Crown Chinese Porcelain Hand-made 600-800Pa

CAD/ADM Technique Zirconium Dioxide Crown Chinese Porcelain Hand-made 600-800Pa

No.: G18167849

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CAD/ADM Technique Zirconium Dioxide Crown Chinese Porcelain Hand-made


What Zirconium Dioxide Porcelain Teeth is?
1. High strength, high density, non-metal crown.
2. Zirconium dioxide is a very good high-tech biological material. Good biocompatibility, superior to a variety of metal alloys, including gold. Within the specialty of non-stimulation and no allergic reactions to gums, zirconium dioxide is suitable for used in mouth, avoiding the allergic, stimulation and corrosion of metal in the oral cavity. Zirconium dioxide has the unique specialty like anti-rupture and tough curing function after rupture.
3. Non-metallic zirconium dioxide having no resistance to the x-ray, you do not need to remove off crown when taking MRI, which is one of the specialty of zirconium dioxide.
4. Natural in color, zirconium dioxide porcelain teeth is almost the same as natural teeth. This is good to patient who has high demand on denture.
5. Our zirconium dioxide is made under the combination work of computer-aided design, laser scanning and computer-controlled grinding. Computer made zirconium dioxide ensures the accuracy and excellent edge sealed of crown mode, making the well seating with abutment teeth, and greatly reduce the incidence of root inflammation after root canal treatment.

1. Best esthetics characteristic and remarkable biological compatible .
    - No blackening edge of gums.
    - No Gum inflammation phenomenon
    - Support Long Bridge
2. Over 1200 MPa flexural Strength
3. Success in Long Bridge work better than any other PFM denture
4. Fabricated by a experiment professional technicians with FDA VITA material
5. Adopting HI-TEC CAD/ADM manufacturing
6. Accuracy in Margin design, shade, more gradation & Color Adopt.
7.Shade: White translucent
8. Density: > 6.04 g/cm3
9. Comprehensive Strength: 3000 MPa
10. Flexural Strength: 600-800Mpa
11. Impact Resistance: 8.0 MPa*m½
12. Modulus of Elasticity: >205 GPa
13. Vickers Hardness: 1300 HV 0.5
14. Thermal Expansion: 10-6 K-1 10
15. Thermal Conductivity: 2W/mK
16. Chemical Composition: ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 > 99%; Y2O3 4.5% - 5.4%

What to Do?
Step 1: Let us know if you want to make a crown from us, we will send you a price list. After confirmation, you can send cases to us immediately.
Step 2: Send only silicon-based impressions and bite registrations. Do NOT send alginate as it is very heavy and does not travel well. Put cases into the smallest box that protects the cases and seal. You may use any box, including boxes from other labs. Please remember to put Design Sheet in the box.
Step 3: Give the shipment to Fedex. We will send you our Fedex account, so you can ship packages freely to dentalget.com
Step 4: When we receive your shipment we will notify you by email. We begin making the cases immediately and will email and/or call with any questions within three business days. When necessary, we will send a photo of the case in question to help communication.
Step 5: We will send you an itemized invoice by email for the shipment and ship all finished cases once payment is made. We accept VISA, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Western Union.
Step 6: We will send you the Fedex tracking number when finished cases have shipped. All impressions and parts sent with each case will be returned to you.
Step 7: You receive your finished cases in four business days. Please note: there is a chance for shipping delays due to Fedex that are beyond our control. These are rare, but do happen from time to time.
Step 8: For any problems, you can contact dentalget.com anytime within two years.

What We Do?

dentalget.comco.uk is a leading provider of safe and effective dental products and services for dental laboratories and dentists around the world. We are a full-service dental lab that provides quality dental laboratory services at great prices. Even though dentalget.com is new to Zirconium Dioxide Porcelain Teeth, we are confident to be stronger under the great price, fast delivery, and exquisite technology.
We are good for: 
Low Cost
Fast Delivery
Beautiful Craftmanship
Receive Personalized Cases


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