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COXO® Dental Surgical LED Lamp CX249-3

COXO® Dental Surgical LED Lamp CX249-3

No.: G18167936   |  Brand: COXO

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COXO ® Dental Surgical LED Lamp CX249-3



1. Free movement of 3 axises, positioning the light to where you want.
2. Removeable handles, easy to clean and easy to mount and dismount. 
3. Optimized color of light, color temperatur range is 5500-6500K, similar just like the natural 
light from your window. 
4. The power of light from 450-550 is limited to minimize the effect on the sensitive material usefor the restoration.
5. Factory calibrated at 700mm(the average length of the human arm). A precise 
80X160 rectangular light patterned with uniform intensity is produced. Outside the light pattern 
there are 50% lower illustration level compare to specified requirement in ISO standard-illumination
occurs only where you want it to in the oral cavity, not in the patient's eyes.
6. With 4 led cold-light lamps.
Color temperature: 5,500-6,500K
Illumination adjustment range: 10,000-35,000
Power: AC12V, 50/60HZ, 20W
Power consumption: 15W
Service life: 5000hrs
Volume: 41cm x 34cm x 14cm
Weight: 2.0kg
Packing material: carton
Joint dimension: 22mm

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