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Denjoy® New Vitality Pulp Tester DY310

Denjoy® New Vitality Pulp Tester DY310

No.: G18167925

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Denjoy® New Vitality Pulp Tester DY310





Pulp Tester DY310 is a device to examine the vitality of dental pulp using the electrical stimulation. During the pulp test, the current stimulates intradental nerve, and give severe pain to patients. Some studies were accomplished to measure the responses of subjects by stimulating over the sensory threshold to determine whether the nerve of pulp in the tooth remains alive. So It can accurately read the pulp’s livingness in a very highly efficiency way.







● Preset speed mode(high-mid-low speed)

A gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate of high-mid-low speed

● Specifically designed for patient comfort

If the patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the face for about 3 minutes.

● Convenient to operate

Peak of stimulus current reaction numerical value

Between 0-39, the patient feels ache and anesthesia, it means alive teeth nerve

Between 40-79, with above-mentioned reaction, it means part of teeth nerve dead 79, no above-mentioned reaction, dead teeth nerve

●The device turns itself off three minutes later after operation (No Wasted batteries.)


Operating Conditions:

Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃

Relative humidity range: ≤80%

Atmospheric pressure: 50KPa~106Kpa


Packing List:

1. Control part x 1pc

2. Test electrode x 2pcs

3. Test cable x 1pc

4. User manual x 1pc

5. Stainless hook x 4pcs

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