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Available to apply for government dental colleges

The state government will file fresh application to the health ministry and the Dental Council of India (DCI) for setting up government dental colleges in Thrissur and Alappuzha, by first week of September. The deadline for filing the applications is September 30.

This is the second time the government is applying for permission to start dental colleges in the state. The previous one was rejected on the grounds that the proposed colleges do not satisfy the mandatory requirement to have a 30,000 sq ft building on a five-acre land. "We hope to get the clearance this time. There is a mandatory clause from the DCI that all new dental colleges should have an attachment to a medical college, apart from an own building and five acres of land. Construction works will soon begin in Thrissur," said Dr M K Mangalam, special officer and joint director, directorate of medical education, Kerala.

The estimated cost of construction is Rs 25 crore. Rs 2.5 crore was allocated last year and this year Rs 5 crore has been set aside in the budget, she said. Though there are 23 dental colleges in the state, there are no dental colleges in Alappuzha district. Meanwhile, Dr Lakshmi Ravi, DCI member from Kerala said she hopes that the DCI would give permission to set up the government dental colleges. Unlike private colleges, government dental colleges would have attachment to a medical college, she said.

Government supports dental college, which is good news. Isn't it?

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