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New Teeth Whitening LED Bleaching System 60W M218(Floor Standed Model)

New Teeth Whitening LED Bleaching System 60W M218(Floor Standed Model)

No.: G18168123   |  Brand: Dentalget

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The Bleaching System which made by our company is used for the department of stomatology in hospital, dental clinic, beauty parlor, school teaching, the unit or personal for whitening teeth, etc. It is the most advanced brand in China now. It is control led by the microcomputer inside the machine, and it can catalyze the whiten pharmacy and cause a reaction exactly and effectively, and it will make the teeth whiten deeply. It can irradiate all surfaces of the teeth effectively, so every tooth can be whiten. It is the key breakthroughs of the clearing the teeth and the whiten technology in the dental area. Its suitable for a variety of whitening kit on the market. We have the exclusive appearance patent of this product.



1. Full touch screen button, dual large screen display, head and power box display time and temperature at the same time.

2. The head and arm can be rotated 360°, and the arm can be retracted according to the space used.

3. With 12 super blue LED lights, the power is up to 60W.

4. The appearance comes with water drop streamlined design, fine and fashion.

5. Sensing function: there is a sensor on the rear of the machine head. During the process of irradiating, you can gently wave the hand, and you can pause or stop the irradiation, wave it again, and continue or start to irradiate.

6. It comes with three shortcut modes to be chosen. During the process of irradiating, you can  easily select the mode you need.

7. There is a separate protective muzzle on the head of the machine which can prevent crossing infection.



1.Input voltage: AV100V-220V, 50-60HZ

2.Power: 60W

3.Wavelength: 400-460nm

4.Illumination Density: 1000mW/cm²

5.Constant temperature: 30-40

6.Amount of LED tube: 12pcs


Note: This whitening instrument has high-end black gold version.

The pictures are as below. The price is $968.99.

If you are interested, please contact customer service for more details.




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