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Touch Screen High-Frequency Portable Dental X-Ray Unit Z-HF20

Touch Screen High-Frequency Portable Dental X-Ray Unit Z-HF20

No.: G18168098   |  Brand: Dentalget

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Product Features:
1. This device adopts microcomputer chip processor, high frequency inverter output of a more stable way of x-rays, to generate high resolution imaging effect.
2. This equipment adopts the micro-focus X-ray generator, reduce equipment volume and weight, it is more convenient to carry.
3. This equipment adopts One-click RVG digital mode conversion, it is more accurately.
4. There is built-in temperature control, high voltage and low voltage protection, it is more safety.
4. This equipment adopts the high definition resolution color LCD touch display system, simple operation.
5. This equipment design has a boot self-checking system self-diagnosis function, easy maintenance and repair.
6. This equipment is one-to-one custom-mad using high capacity lithium battery, durable.

Technical Specifications:


Power Parameters:
1. Input Power: 100-220VAC / 50-60Hz / 1.2A
2. Output Power: 14.8VDC / 10A
3. Li-ion Batter Capacity: 7800mAh


X-Ray Generator Parameters:
1. Input Power: 16.8VAC / 2.0A
2. Output Power: 80W
3. Tube Voltage / Current: 60KV/1mA
4. Operating Frequency: 20KHz
5. Exposure time: 0.1-2.55


X-Ray Tube Parameters:
1. Max. Operating tube voltage: 80KVp
2. Filament features: 3±0.5V / 2.5A
3. Nominal focal spot value: 0.3mm
4. Target angle: 12°
5. Inherent filtration: ≥0.75mmAl


Machine Parameters:
1. Display mode: LCD color touch screen
2. Packing size: 35 x 16 x 25cm
3. Net weight: 2.5kg


Beam Limiter Parameters:
1. Output the focal length: 110mm
2. Output radiation scope: φ5mm


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