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Ultrasonic Scaler Maintenance


(1) preoperative testing should be processed after power is turned on, the power transferred at medium power (power symbol number from 1 to 4, the small power of 2.0,the power of 3.0, power is about 4.0), then step the foot switch, and to regulate the frequency table, so that the deflection of the needle indicates the maximum value (usually60 ~ 80μA), then if the first contact work surface, you see a lot of mist spray, indicating ultrasonic vibration.

(2) In the process of cleaning teeth, scaler tips must spray to point contact of dental calculus, do not apply excessive pressure. Tips should also be frequently changed, to prevent damage by heat generator and transducer.

(3) Ultrasonic scaler does not apply to patients with a pacemaker installed, because such patients susceptible to interference from surrounding electromagnetic radiation induced vertigo, epilepsy, heart rhythm disorders, which requires the physician, should be asked in detail about preoperative medical history.

(4) Ultrasonic scaler transducer and tips should not be boiled and soaked in disinfectant, should be placed in special sterile instrument in disinfection, so as not to damage the transducer.

(5) Ultrasonic scaler and tap water is generally connected device, so at least a week to cover the water network within the cleaning device 2 or 3 times, with waterproof rust clogging.